16th European Rogaining Championships
14th Latvian Rogaining Championships
Qualifying Event for the World Rogaining Championships

This document duplicates the information presented in Bulletin 2. Any changes and additions thereto are in red font.
Date 22-23 August 2020

Organisers Latvian Orienteering Federation (LOF) in partnership with Travel and Orienteering Club “SILVA”

Rules European Rogaining Championships 2020 (ERC2020) is a 24 hour rogaine, held as an IRF event according to the IRF Rules of Rogaining. Concurrently, participants registered in the Latvian ODB are competing for the Latvian Rogaining Championships 2020 titles.To allow the tracking of a team’s course, each team entered for the 24 h rogaine shall be issued a GPS device as an item of mandatory equipment. One team member shall carry the GPS tracking device at all times, attached to the upper arm. The team shall receive its GPS device before entering the start area. The ERC2020 is complemented by a 6 hour satellite event Milzkalns Rogaine.
The Milzukalns 6 hour Rogaine is held according to the IRF Rules of Rogaining. While planning the route, it is forbidden to use any kind of technologies (laptops, software etc.) for route optimisation purposes, to transfer the location of checkpoints from paper-based map to electronic devices, or to perform any other actions that may have an effect on the result. During the competition the competitors must not use watches and other GPS capable devices, mobile phones, step counters or any other devices with features that may helpto navigate through terrain, calculate the distance, communicate with other persons, or may influence the result in any other manner. The competitors are allowed to use a mobile phone or a device with equalfunctionality only in emergency situations when assisting another team. It is allowed to carry the devices along on the course provided they give no audible feedback and are sealed in a non-transparent pouch provided by the organisers. Using the prohibited devices for own purposes will lead to disqualification of the team. While on course, the competitors are prohibited to travel by any type of vehicle or accept assistance from third parties if this can have an effect on the result. The competitors shall be guided by a sense of fair play.

Mandatory equipment
Mandatory equipment items for each participantcompeting in the 24hour event:
- SI card with a non-removable wristband;
-visibly attached competition number bib;
-GPS tracking device(one for the team, to be provided by the organiser).

Mandatory equipmentitems for each participant competing in the 6hour event:
-SI card with a non-removable wristband;
-visibly attached competition number bib.
The presence of mandatory equipment will be checked at the entrance to the start area.

Event Centre
Recreation facility “Milzkalns”, "Dižkalni", Smārde civil parish,
Engure municipality, Latvia, LV-3148
GPS coordinates: N57.00146 E23.20794
Website of the Event Centre host: https://milzkalns.lv
The Event Centre is part ofthe event site. Hash-house is in the Event Centre. It is forbidden to drop empty gel tubes, food wrapping or any other waste while on the course! These can be disposed of only in the event centre and in the waste containers next to water drops. Dogs are NOT allowed in the Event Centre and the event site!

Event site
The competition terrain (~ 250 km ²) is located centrally in Latvia, in the Engure and Tukums municipalities, and lies between the Gulf of Riga in the North, Ķemeri National Park in the East, motorway A10 (E22) Riga-Ventspils in the South and regional roads in the West. 25% of the proposed event site has never been used for rogaining and orienteering events. Part of the event site is the Ķemeri National Park, famous for its wild nature.  The rest of the event site features strings of small hills (113-165 m a.s.l.), swamps, a small river and lakes, forests, cuttings and young growths, meadows and fields, small settlements. There will be nature protection areas that are out-of-bounds. The Event Centre, including the Hash House, is part ofthe event site.
Logging may be in progress in the terrain, please look out! The competition terrain comprises a number of motorways with medium traffic intensity. There will not be any traffic restrictions during the competition, thereforethe competitors are responsible for own safety on the road and should follow the road safety rules.
The participants will have an opportunity to try out a model course outside the embargoed area in a terrain similar to that of the event site.  More about the Model:https://erc2020.lv/model

Embargoed area

A team shall consist of two or three members.

Competition classes
MJ, WJ, XJ (men, women and mixed teams – youths under 23 years of age);
MO, WO, XO(men, women and mixed teams – open class);
MV, WV, XV(men, women and mixed  teams – veterans at least 40 years of age);
MSV, WSV, XSV(men, women andmixed  teams – superveteransat least 55 years of age);
MUV, WUV, XUV(men, women and mixed  teams – ultra veterans at least 65 years of age);
The agere quirements specified for the given class should be satisfied as on the first day of competition, 22 August 2020.
Please note! There may be changes in class related to the moved competition dates.
Any team that has a member under 14 years of age shall also have a member 18 years of age or over, unless agreed  otherwise  in  correspondence  with  the  organiser  TOC  Silva  (sveikuli@sveikuli.lv). All  participants under  18  years  entered  for  a  24  hour rogaine  should  present  a  written  permission  from  parents  or  legal guardians upon registration. Changes to the team composition are free of charge until the end of the entry deadline. If a new member is added to team already entered, the entry fee shall be the one effective on the new member’s entry date. Any changes after the entry deadline bear a charge of EUR 5 per change

Event Programme (to be adjusted in the next Bulletins)
21 August, Friday
from 10.00 Event Centre is open
from 10.00 -21.00 Registration
19.30 Opening ceremony
20.00-22.00 Mingling/Pasta Party (for competitors and eligible spectators)

22 August, Saturday
from 7.00 Registration
from 8.00 Breakfast for participants
9.00 Map handout for 24h rogaine
from 11.30 entry in the start area, distribution of GPS devices, check-up of mandatory equipment and devices to be carried on the course
12.00 Mass start for all classes in 24 hour rogaine
12.05 Map handout for 6h rogaine
13.00 Mass start for all classes in 6 hour rogaine
19.00 Finish for 6 hour rogaine
19.30 Finish closes for 6 hour rogaine
20.00 Prize-giving for the 6 hour rogaine
from 20.00 Hash House opens
20.49 Sunset

23 August, Sunday
06.11 Sunrise
10.00 Hash House closes
from 11.30 After-finish catering
12.00 Finish
12.30 Finish closes
13.15 Deadline for submitting protests
14.00 Prize - giving
18.00 Event Centre closes

SPORTident (SI) Air+ punching system will be used. Punching works in contactless mode up to a distance of 0.3 metres from the SI station (except for the first puncher). If the station does not function in SIAC mode, the competitor should punch in contact mode. SIAC cards for participants entered for 24h rogaine are to be provided by the organiser. SIAC cards will be available for rent (EUR 2) to the participants of 6h rogaine.
Each single competitor shall punch incheckpoint with his/her SI card. All team members shall punch in checkpoint within a 60secondinterval, or else the checkpoint will not scorepoints. The SI card wristband may be removed exclusively by the staff. In case a team member’s wristband is damaged (torn), the team shall be disqualified.
In proof of a visit to a checkpoint, SI AIR+ card will give light and sound feedback. In case of amalfunctioning or missing SI stationin the checkpoint, competitors shall usea needle punchtopunch the boxes on the margin of the map. After finishing, the fact and the previous checkpointshould be reported to the finish referee.

The map is drawn specifically for rogaining purposes in 2018-2020 and based on LIDAR and Forest Service data.
Scale: 1:25 000; H 4m
Course setter: Zigfrīds Freimanis
Mapper: Raimonds Lapiņš
The map is waterproof, printed on Tyvek or equal quality paper.
No extra waterproofing is needed.The planning map will be printed on regular paper and is not suitable for carrying on the course.

Scoring is according to the IRF Rules for Rogaining. A team’s score shall be the value of the checkpoints visited by the nominated finish time or within 30 minutes thereafter, less penal points. In the event of a tie the team that finished earlier shall be awarded the higher placing. Teams finishing late will be penalised at the rate one point per any full minute or part thereof. Teams finishing more than thirty minutes late will score 0 points. All members of a team should punch the checkpoint within 60 seconds.

Registration will open on 1 December 2019.
Entries (ERC 24 h) until 23.59 on 09 August 2020 – by completing the registration form at www.erc2020.lv
Entries (6 h) until 23.59 on 09 August 2020 – by completing the registration form at www.erc2020.lv

Entry Fee(EUR)
Entry date/entry fee24h / per person
01.12.2019-14.01.2020 55,-
15.01-30.06.2020 70,-
01.07-09.08.2020 90,-

Entry date/entry fee 6h / per person
01.12.19-14.01.2020 20,-
15.01-30.06.2020 25,-
01.07-09.08.2020 35,-

The  entry fee level  for  the  specified  entry  period is  valid  when  settled within  a  week  (7days)  after the  last day of the relevant entry period. In case of failure to settle the entry fee within the said 7-day period, the next level entry fee will be applied. The last period entry fee shall be settled by the last entry date. In case of failure to settle it by the last entry date the team will not be entered for the competition
The entry fee and any other payments have to be paid via a bank transfer to:
Biedriba Celojumu un orientesanas klubs SILVA,
Registration No. 40008061499,
Registered address: Sveikuli, Tume civil parish, Tukums municipality, LV-3139,
Bank: AS Swedbank
Account: LV63HABA0551005150747

Please specify the team name of and number of the team in the notes field of the transfer order.

If  you  need  to  negotiate  an  alternative  payment  method,  please  specify  it  in  the  notes  or  write  to info@rogaining.lv . Any  expenses  related  to  the  settlement  of  the  entry  fee  should  be  met  by  the  payer.  In  case  any commissions or other charges are withdrawn from the amount to be paid, they should be compensated to the organiser by the participant.

The entry fee covers the following services:
For 24h rogainers - SIAC card rent, race material (map, number bibs etc.), result service, catering (breakfast on 22 August, Hash House, after-finish catering with traditional as well as vegetarian and gluten-free food), prize pool,  water  stations  on  the  course,  souvenirs and  other  organising  expenses, first  aid  during  the  race, parking in the Event Centre and tent space (2 nights) as well as other costs. 
For  6h  rogainers-race  material  (map,  number  bibs  etc.),  result  service,  catering  (breakfast,  after-finish catering), prize pool, water stations on the course, souvenirs and other organising expenses, first aid during the race, short - term parking in the Event Centre as well as other costs.

Entry fee reimbursement policies:
If a team or a participant (in case of a 3 member team) cancels the participation after the entry fee has been settled, the fee is reimbursed as follows:
Cancelled by 15 June 2020-50%,
Cancelled by 12 July 2020 -25%,
Any cancellations made after 12 July are not entitled to a reimbursement.

If a team wants to cancel its participation in the ERC2020 and it has paid the entry fee, the team should write a Cancellation Statement addressed to organisers’ e-mail info@rogaining.lv . To enable the transfer of the eligible spectator’s fee paid by the team as well as the entry fee in the proportion specified in the Bulletin, the following information should be provided in the Statement: team number, team name, bank name, SWIFT code, account number.
If a team has ordered and paid for the ERC2020 branded merchandise, it should complement the Statement with the delivery manner (regular mail, courier mail), delivery address, recipient’s name, surname, e-mail address and phone number. The mailing expenses will be withheld from the reimbursable amount. Another option is to fill out the merchandise delivery form here! In case the information required for the delivery of the merchandise has not been supplied simultaneously with the submission of the Cancellation Statement, the delivery will take place only after a prepayment of mailing expenses. If the information required for delivery is missing, the team or its representative (by producing a written authorisation) will be able to collect the merchandise during the competition, on 23 August 2020 the latest.

Competitors shall be liable for returning the organiser’s SIAC cards intact. If a competitor, due to any reason, fails to return the items issued to him/her by the organiser (has lost, mislaid etc.), the competitor agrees to compensate their value to the organiser:SIAC card EUR 65.00 (sixty-five euro),GPS device EUR 85.00 (eighty-five euro)

Top three teams in all competition classes will be awarded competition medals and prizes according to the IRF Rules for Rogaining.
The prize pool is comprised from prizes provided by the organiser and sponsors

Transportation and accommodation details
Transportation: the Event Centre can be reached by a car (own or rented) from the Riga International Airport (direct flights from over 80 destinations) and ferry terminal, as well as from neighbouring countries. The driving distance from the Riga International Airport is ~ 75 km and it takes about 1.5 hours. The Event Centre (Recreation Facility “Milzkalns” N57.00146; E23.20794) is ~ 15 km away from the regional city Tukums, and it takes about 20 minutes to get there by a car or bus.There are several options how to reach Tukums by public transport. Commuter train Riga-Tukums travels 14 times per day between 5.30 and 23.30. A one-way ticket costs less than 3 EUR. There is also a bus connection Riga-Tukums several times per day. Depending on the chosen vehicle, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach Tukums from Riga. For the sake of competitors’ and accompanying persons’ convenience, chartered bus routes will be organised from Riga and Tukums to the Event Centre in case of demand. Bus running schedules and booking possibilities to be provided on the 16th ERC2020 website and Bulletins.
More about transport :https://erc2020.lv/travel-info
Car, bus, bicycle, motorcycles and caravan parking will be arranged in the Event Centre.
Accommodation: a hotel at the Event Centre https://milzkalns.lv/
Other accommodation: the local Tourist Information Office (http://visittukums.lv/en) offers a wide range of accommodations at various cost categories: holiday cottages, farmsteads, hotels and budget accommodations within less than a 30 km distance from the Event Centre. There are 3 hotels in the regional city Tukums with total room capacity for more than 100 guests. Area for camping in tents will be arranged right in the Event Centre.The event entry fee includes tent space for 2 nights (Friday-Sunday).
Renting a tent space before and after the official event dates is possible; the cost is EUR 7 per tent, please contact: https://milzkalns.lv/ or info@milzkalns.lv

Weather and climate at the proposed term of the race
According to long-term observations, in the second half of August, average daily temperature in Latvia is +16ºC. In August there are only 1-2 sunless days. On sunny days the sun shines 8-9 hours on average. In August, at night the temperature may fall as low as +5ºC. At the same time, days can be hot, even above +30 ºC. According to long-term observations, August is among the most abundant months in terms or precipitation. With 13-16 precipitation days on average, the aggregate monthly precipitation amount is 78 mm. On precipitation days the average amount is 5-6 mm. Due to the proximity of the Riga Gulf, weather can be very unsettled, and the changes are rapid. The probability of thunderstorms is 20%.

Accompanying persons and spectators
Accompanying persons and spectators (over 6 years of age) staying at the Event Centre shall pay spectator fee of  EUR 25: 2-day camping and parking, catering at the Hash House during the race and after the finish(24h), event map (to be delivered after the finish).Participants entered for the 6h rogaine and staying in the Event Centre througout the 24h event shall pay a fee of EUR 20, which covers 2-day camping and parking, catering at the Hash House during the race and after the finish

The facilities made available to the participants and spectators in the Event Centre includeInformation Desk, First Aid Post, mobile device charging sockets, toilets, outdoor showers, cafeteria (starting the evening of 20 August), sale of sporting goods and sports food on 21 August, children’s playgrounds, tent area, car parking lot (short-term and long-term). Entry to the long-term parkingis open till the end of registration, while exit is possible only after the competition or a special permission from the organiser. Entry to the short-term parking is from 20:00 on 22 August an on 23 August; the ticket costs EUR 2.
Accompanying persons and spectators (other than children of pre-school age) staying at the Event Centre after 20.00 on 20 August shall pay spectator fee of EUR 25, or EUR 20 if they are participants of the 6 hour rogaine. Breakfast will be served to the participants and eligible spectators from 8.00 till 11.00 on 22 August for no extra charge. In addition, there will be drinking water, luggage storage, and carkey storage –24hmade available to the participants. The service of luggage storage and car key storagefacilityis available when producing the number bib.Hash-house operating hours: from 20.00 on 22 August till 10.00 on 23 August. To receive catering in the Hash –house, the competitors need to produce a SIAC card attached to a wristband and the 24 hour number bib or the spectator’s wristband. After-finish catering for the 6 hour rogainers is from 18.30 till 20.00 on 22 August in exchange of coupon; for 24 hour rogainers after-finish catering is from 11.00 on 23 August.The menu for the Hash-house and after-finish cateringas well as the menu and prices for the cafeteria will be published by 15 August on the website under Competition info.

Training possibilities:
In the period preceding the ERC2020 a large number of rogaining and orienteering events are held in Latvia. If you would like to do some additional training, you are welcome to learn more: https://erc2020.lv/training-possibilietes

Sightseeing and landmarks in the vicinity of the competition area:
When you come to Latvia for ERC2020, you have an opportunity to see the best and most beautiful sights close to the competition area, or to enjoy cultural events. More information: http://visittukums.lv/en

ERC2020 branded merchandise now available!
Available: racing shirt (parade or orienteering (running) version), mug, headband 5 cm. View on team profile page or on https://erc2020.lv/merchandise.The offer for ERC2020 items is valid until July 1st (payment due July 8th). Applying for goods is possible:1) Team application profile, 2) outside the application form on https://erc2020.lv/merchandise

International travellers may be required to hold a Latvian visa prior to travel to Latvia, depending on your country of residence. For more information, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. It you require further assistance, please send us an email.

Insurance and responsibility
The organiser holds a General Third party liability insurance (TPL) for an organiser of a public event. Nevertheless, competitors participate in the event at their own risk and are responsible for their own health and safety. As to participants under 18 years of age, legal guardians or coaches are responsible for their health and safety. Participants under 18 shall be entered for the competitionby their legal guardians or coaches. We recommend that competitors have personal health and/or travel insurance. Participants are responsible for their own health and for insurance against accidents and possible injuries or their parents / guardians, if the participant is 18 or younger. Teams will be registered as full team at the event center, will receive participant accessories, will give their signature for themselves, for children – parents or guardians, which indicates, that participant is responsible for their state of health, possible accidents or injuries during the race. It is possible to take routes on distance in order to keep away the health and life hazards. Application form will be published together with pre-start information.

Personal data
When entering for the competition, a participant agrees that his/her personal data are processed and used for the organisation of the competition, for publishing the list of registered participants andresults on the website and social media as well as public media. A participant’s e-mail address will be used exclusively for the organiser’s communication with the participant.

Evita, phone +371 29267142 (Latvian, Russian)
Inese,phone+371 29751855(English, Russian)

Organising team:
Evita Freimane - Director of the 16th ERC2020
Raimonds Lapiņš – Mapper
Zigfrids Freimanis - Course Setter
Uldis Pekuss - Course Vetter
Ģirts Freimanis - Head of the Team, Timing un Result Service
Inese Purgaile – Event Secretary
Andris Leja – Web Services and design
http://www.sportrec.eu/ - GPS tracking -  Sportrec/
Ģirts Freijs - Official photographer
Anna Eleonora Freimane - Design
Volunteers: members of TOC Silva https://coksilva.lv/  and other supporters.

More detailed information about the event will be provided in the next Bulletins, to be posted on the Internet website www.erc2020.lv as well as in Facebook @erc2020
Welcome to the16th ERC 2020!


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